The following terms and conditions set out the basis upon which training is offered by Murphy’s Driving Tuition. Driving lessons with Murphy’s Driving Tuition are subject to the acceptance of these terms and conditions.

1. Driving licence and fitness to drive:

You must hold a current, valid driving licence, provisional, full or international, and produce it on (or in advance of) your first lesson. We will need to check your conterpart driving licence before lessons began. You must be fit to drive with regard to legal and medical requirements. Your instructor reserves the right to cancel any lesson at any time if the pupil is unfit to drive due to drink, drugs or prescribed medicine, fatigue or unfit for any other reason or condition that would cause his/her driving to be dangerous or illegal. In such circumstances the lesson fee will be payable.

2. Payments and Cancellation:

Tuition fees are normally payable in advance. Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer. 

If you need to cancel or re-arrange a lesson at least 48 hours notice will be required. Failure to do so will result in you being charged for the full cost of the lesson. Any money paid for in advance including test fees may be used to cover any costs incurred by failing to give notice.

If for any reason you are unable to pay in advance or on the day without prior agreement with your
instructor you will incur an extra £5 charge on your lesson.

Your instructor will do everything possible to ensure that your lessons start and finish on time, but reserves the right to cancel, postpone or change lesson lengths and start/finish times under certain circumstances, e.g., dangerous weather conditions or problems with the training car. In the event of postponement fees paid in advance will be carried forward.

3. Bookings and Lesson duration

Your instructor will endeavor to maintain regular lesson slots at the same time each week to ensure continuity of learning, however, this cannot be guaranteed.

The minimum lesson period is one hour. If, for any reason, the instructor is late for the lesson he/she will make a concerted effort to inform the pupil of the estimated time of arrival. If the delay is greater than 15 minutes this time will be credited to the pupil and when possible the lesson will be extended by the time due – if this is not possible the extra time will be carried forward to the next suitable lesson.

4. Training Location:

All sessions will start and finish at the same location unless alternative arrangements are made in advance. The instructor will determine a location for practical lessons which ensures both the pupil’s and public safety – this means that the instructor may need to drive the pupil to and from the lesson location; this journey time forms part of the lesson as paid for.

5. Training vehicles:

Training vehicles provided by the school are taxed and insured for the purposes of driving tuition and the DVSA driving test, fully roadworthy and fitted with dual controls.

Pupils who require tuition in their own vehicle must supply evidence from their motor insurer that the car is covered for lessons when being supervised by a professional instructor in return for payment; the car must also be taxed and hold a current MOT certificate where appropriate. If a pupil wishes to use there own car this must be agreed buy the instructor in advance. Lesson prices remain the same in any circumstance.

6. Driving tests and bookings


Your instructor is happy to book your theory test for you at no extra cost, however the pupil will need to pay the instructor the current DVSA test fee in advance of the test being booked, ( ask your instructor for the current DVSA fee.) If the pupil wishes to book their own Theory test they do so at their own risk. Your instructor and Murphy’s Driving Tuition are not liable if you use a method of booking that charges you a booking fee above the cost of the test.

Practical test:

Your instructor will book your practical test for you when it is agreed between pupil and instructor that the pupil is of a standard required to pass the UK driving test. The DVSA test fee must be paid in advance to your instructor before the test will be booked. If the pupil decides to book a practical test of there own accord, there is no guarantee that Murphy’s Driving Tuition or your instructor will agree to take the pupil to test. This could result in the pupil losing their test fee and unable to take the test, therefore we strongly advise against this.

Your instructor reserves the right to refuse use of a driving school vehicle for test if he/she considers that supplying a vehicle could cause a risk to the pupil, training car or public safety.

The booking period for the test will be based upon the instructor’s normal diary schedule. 

While your instructor will make every effort to ensure that the vehicle supplied for test will be fully road worthy and comply with all legal requirements at the start of the test, he/she cannot be held responsible for vehicle failure that occurs during the test and is not liable for consequential loss.

Your instructor cannot be held responsible for test appointments cancelled by the DVSA due to bad weather, sickness, staff shortages or other reasons. Such cancellations are beyond the control of your instructor and therefore the lesson fee and ‘use of car’ fee for the booked period will be charged. Your instructor will advise about claiming compensation from the DVSA.

7. Promotions

Any promotions offered are subject to availability and all T&C. All promotional prices are a limited time offer so please check with your instructor first. All promotions can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.

8. Vouchers 

Any vouchers purchased are only valid up until their expiry date.  If the voucher is for a course of lessons, then the first lesson must be completed before the expiry date and subsequent lessons must be booked, however this does not mean the entire course needs to have been completed before the expiry date.

Vouchers not used before their expiry date will not be entitled to any refunds or lessons, you will lose all fees paid.

9. Your rights:

These conditions do not affect any protection a pupil has under consumer legislation.

Murphy’s Driving Tuition reserve the right to change or alter any of the terms and conditions without notice, but will endeavor to inform pupils of any changes as soon as possible.

If you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions please 



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